5 times Tito Mboweni schooled us on Twitter

President Cyril Ramaphosa unexpectedly announced Tito Mboweni as Nhlanhla Nene’s replacement as Finance Minister in a short briefing and swearing in ceremony this afternoon.
Mboweni will immediately take over as the leading authority over the country’s coffers and one of his first duties will be to deliver the Mid-term Budget Policy Statement on 24 October in parliament.
Having become Africa’s first black Reserve Bank governor a few years ago, Mboweni is not new to handling the country’s finances.
But money is not his sole forte. With this wealth of knowledge professionally, he is not shy to “school” people on social media either. For example:
On embracing technology
Mboweni proves that technological advancements ought to not scare people, particularly people of a certain age group.

Thursday January 01, 1970

The speed with which technological change is happening frightens many. But it should not.Many older people (my age) still fear technology. Sad. Let them embrace new technology with care. Don’t be too serious all the time. Smile, laugh! Good for your health. Thixo!
— Tito Mboweni (@tito_mboweni) September 14, 2018

Thursday January 01, 1970

On building the South Africa of our dreams
The finance minister had some wise and encouraging words for all who want to do their part in making South Africa a better country. “Thuma mina” as some would say…

You know, step by step, day by day, we can and should make our country a better place whilst we still live. It is doable! Basic things…”low hanging fruit” as some would say…
— Tito Mboweni (@tito_mboweni) August 17, 2018

On gratitude and reflection
Life can get busy and too hectic to stop and look at the beauty that surrounds us. Mboweni says do stop and smell the roses.

Amidst the beauty of our mountains, hills and valleys, our rivers, cities and towns, our beautiful airports and busy harbors, our modern highways and byways, our busy farm,mine,industrial and domestic workers, the airport workers, we need to pause and say:what a beautiful world!
— Tito Mboweni (@tito_mboweni) July 26, 2018

On Twitter etiquette
While Twitter is known to be somewhat of a battleground, the former Sarb governor urges people to stop being sensitive.

So when I tweet, I am usually having somebody or something bothering me or something to share with my community, my boys (kids),Trevor Manuel, Presidents Mbeki, Motlanthe, Clinton, or whoever. The messages are broad based. Stop being too sensitive. Live a happy life!
— Tito Mboweni (@tito_mboweni) July 3, 2018

On a win-win strategy to try
Always look on the bright side of life, and try to ensure victory is not yours alone.

At university I was taught about Pareto Optimality. A situation where nobody loses but all gain! Strange concept. I did not appreciate this then. But now I understand this theorem. Do you?
— Tito Mboweni (@tito_mboweni) June 28, 2018

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