The best second-hand cars in SA right now

Now in their second successive running, the awards recognised vehicles which deliver resale value, quality, durability, overall performance and economy for pre-owned buyers.
Gumtree Auto said only 2016 models with at least six months of depreciation data were considered in this awards, with five finalists in each of the 11 categories extensively judged by a panel of experts.
VW won five of the 11 awards, dominating the hatchback and sedan categories up to R300 000.
The Budget City Car category went to the VW Take Up!, while the Polo Vivo won the Light Hatchback category. The Medium Sedan category was won by the Jetta and the Medium Hatchback category saw the Golf 1.4TSI come up trumps.
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Toyota, Mazda and Audi also enjoyed a strong showing, with two wins each.
The VW’s fifth winner was the Golf R, which shared top spot in the Performance Car under R615 000 slot with the Audi S3-S-Tronic. It was a closely contested category, with the third-placed BMW 240i a mere 10 points adrift of the joint-winners.
Toyota dominated the SUV categories – the Fortuner won the SUVs under R505 000 slot and the Hilux was the king in the 4×2 Double Cabs under R460 000 category.
Audi scored its second triumph in the ‘Medium-sized Luxury Sedan under R550 000’ category with the A4 2.0TDI S-Tronic which narrowly beat the BMW 330D.
Mazda’s CX3 won the Cross-overs under R325 000 category in convincing fashion in the only category with a unanimous winner. Mazda also took top spot in SUVs under R330 000, with the CX5 2.0 Active model emerging the winner.
Jaguar won the Luxury SUVs under R700 000 category, with the attractive F-Pace.
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Three of the 2018 winners were repeating their 2017 triumphs – Volkswagen Golf 1.4TSI Trendline, Volkswagen Golf R and the Mazda CX3 2.0 Individual.
Gumtree Head of Automotive Jeff Osborne said the judges had done an outstanding job.
“These awards are going from strength to strength as an important guide for buyers in the marketplace. Twice as many pre-owned vehicles are bought every year in SA than new ones and this is a key way that Gumtree can help everyone navigate that process.”
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