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Our GrandID Portfolio of Services

Svensk e-identitet – GrandID.
Svensk e-identitet – GrandID.
Svensk e-identitet – GrandID.
/  Svensk e-identitet – GrandID                                                                                                                        Svensk e-identitet.
Svensk e-identitet and their product GrandID gives our clients an easy and secure way to login to anything with any kind of identity or device.

GrandID is a complete and flexible solution that you will implement on your

Net Framwork 4.5.

GrandID is used for:   Simple Login

Two-factor  Authentication .
Single-sign On.
AD/LDAP  integration .
AD FS  integration .
SAML 2.0  integration .

Why we preferred GrandID as one of the best integration tool

With the GrandID we change the way on how our clients implement two-factor  authentication  with single-sign on.
We make the most  advanced  technology to become easy and funny to use.
GrandID is a complete,   comprehensive  and technology-independent service.
GrandID includes many flexible cloud services that quickly and easily help our clients to easily live up to their current security requirements for login,  authentication  and signing to their business applications.
It is neither complicated nor expensive.
Our GrandID Portfolio of Services.
GrandID will take  your business  beyond your expectations with the GrandID Zero-Adminstation-Tool that enables no friction for your internal IT-department once you integrate two-factor authentication for your employees, consultants and customers.
Our GrandID offering includes:.
Product  configuration .
Workspace configuration.
Deployment of two-factor authentication.

Establish trust for your User Identities
Ensure Trustworthiness of User Devices
Enforce Access Policies for All Applications
Enhance Your Security and Reliability

Third-party integration.
Deployment & migration services.
Quality-assurance testing.
Admin training.
User training.
Support & maintenance.

GrandID Implementation Achievements

Ciptor team of professionals have successfully created single-sign-on, two-factor authentication using YubiKey SecurityKey, Feitian Security Key, Mobile App, Biometric and another 15 methods for two-factor authentication.

We have incorporated various GrandID custom functionalities for our clients

integrated to their AD/LDAP or other User Databases.
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